MCT Plasma

Much more than PRP

  • Increment of growth factors

    Photo-Thermal boosted platelets release a higher amount of growth factors in a controlled and sustained way for a more physiological effect.

  • Improved Platelet Performance

    Photo-thermal stimulated plasma contains less proinflammatory cytokines and has a more physiological pH. It also improves the platelet profile of activation, reducing VASP and increasing p-38 phosphorilation. Cold primes platelet aggregation facilitating its reactivity once injected.

  • Reduction of pain

    Cold primes alpha granules release kinetics after activation, not before, and induces a delay in clot formation. A less dense plasma and the sensation the cold liquid produces result in a much more comfortable procedure.

  • ATP synthesis stimulation

    Photo-Thermal boosting stimulates cellular metabolism and enhances ATP synthesis