Photo thermal boost Q&A

MCT Photo Thermal Boost is a new procedure in regenerative medicine with PRP and other autologous materials that allows the delivery of more effective treatments. Check below MCT Photo Thermal boost Q&A.

MCT is a system that allows to boost, enhance and amplify regenerative medical treatments. Through the application of electromagnetic energy (visible light and infrared), and thermal energy (temperature), autologous materials, such as PRP, can be boosted. In an era when science and patient demand increasingly lean towards customized treatments, optimizing resources to provide improved and enhanced individualized solutions becomes a necessity. Today, as always, science has a commitment with continuous innovation. MCT is the first real regenerative medicine PRP development in the last 10 years. It is revolutionary. The treatment itself increases growth factors, improves its release kinetics, and enhances cellular ATP synthesis.

All regenerative medicine treatments using autologous materials can be enhanced. That is, PRP and all other regenerative medicine procedures. It enhances PRP, which translates, for instance, into considerably fewer sessions. Scientific research is going this way, as proven by evidence. After photo-thermal boosting with MCT, cells have more ATP, resulting in more effective treatments.

The indications for photo-thermal boosted PRP are the same as for standard PRP. MCT makes PRP stronger, which means that it can enhance and complement any aesthetic medicine treatment.  A whole patient approach does not only involve filling a wrinkle, but rather a holistic perspective.

The best approach is to let them know that there is an enhanced PRP, much stronger, leading to better results and fewer sessions.

There is a “flash” effect that can be seen almost immediately and an antiaging effect whose results can be seen in less than a month and are for life.